PrimePhonic summer sale offers 20% off hi-res music


What would the dog days of summer be with out a sale? PrimePhonic is running a summer sale site-wide. No download code required.  All downloads are 20% off.

Primephonic offers thousands classical music  tracks from various labels around the world as well as small independent music labels. Primephonic is unique in the fact that it offers you a spectrogram of the first track of each album.  We love this feature and Primephonic’s transparency. From there, you can see exactly what you’re getting and can see if a file listed as high-resolution is truly hi-res. Primephonic only supports WAV,  FLAC, and DSD audio formats.  Apple users will need to follow our article on how to convert FLAC to ALAC.

To take advantage of this special sale, simply go to: