Everything you need to know about DSD and SACD in a Q&A with Andreas Koch


AudioStream has posted a nice article on the topic of DSD and SACD in the form of an interview with Andreas Koch, who was involved in setting the standards for SAD production, recording, and playback:

Andreas Koch.  Image source: AudioStream.com

“With all of the attention DSD has garnered of late, it seemed like a good time to go to one of SACD’s creators for answers to some common questions. Andreas Koch was involved in developing the standards and equipment for SACD production, recording, and playback, his company Playback Designs was one of the first to offer DSD capability in a consumer product, and he was also an integral player in the development of the DSD over PCM (DoP) specification. Andreas was kind enough to answer some questions concerning DSD which will hopefully clarify some aspects of how DSD actually works.”  You should check out the full interview on DSD and SACD here on the Audio Stream site.

Image Source: courtesy of AudioStream.com