Audio Cable Designer Roundtable: Audio Cable Industry Founders discuss art, history, and science of high end audio cables


The science or snake oil of audio cables is one topic that is guaranteed to gather zealots on either side of the equation: those who swear that audio cables make an audible difference and those who say it’s nothing but snake oil.  Proponents of both camps are willing to put their money where their mouth is: spending hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands on exotic cables vs. those who spend mere pennies on plain old zip cord. 

For those interested, The Absolute Sound has gathered together the pioneers of the audio cable industry in a fairly lengthy article where they discuss the science, history, and arOptionst behind high-end audio cables.  The round table features Bruce Bisson of MIT Cables, George Cardas of Cardas Audio, Ray Kimber of Kimber Cable, William Low of Audioquest, and Edwin van der Kleij-Rynveld of Siltech & Crystal Cable.  
The article, which you can read here, is an interesting read for those who sit firmly entrenched in either camp.