Onkyo announces TX-RZ3100, TX-RZ1100 flagship receivers and PR-RZ5100 pre-pro

Onkyo unleashes three new custom-installer friendly receivers and network processors for the media-rich, smart home.

The new Onkyo TX-RZ1100 receiver.
The new Onkyo TX-RZ1100 receiver.

Onkyo today announced three new products from its premier RZ Series. The THX Select2 Plus-certified 11.2-channel TX-RZ3100 Network A/V Receiver and the 9.2-channel TX-RZ1100 Network A/V Receiver, along with a flagship THX Ultra2 Plus-certified 11.2-channel PR-RZ5100 Network A/V Controller, are scheduled to be available in September.

Onkyo’s RZ Series is built for the custom installer or enthusiast who loves to have their AV system at the heart of a larger media-centric or smart home.  Connectivity options include RS-232, IR and 12v triggers as well as PC setup, detachable power cables and optional rack kits, simplifying installation.The RZ Series is backed by a three-year warranty and features priority customer support.

In addition to Zone 2 pre outs with independent HDMI output and Zone3 pre out, all three units include 11.2 channel preamp RCA outputs. As you’d expect in a flagship pre-pro, the PR-RZ5100 features balanced XLR connectors. The TX-RZ1100 and TXRZ3100 feature Zone 2 and 3 powered outputs for driving speakers in other rooms. Additional multi-room wireless audio capabilities are offered via optional FireConnect.

Onkyo touts the high-current dynamic power that the company will drive larger floor-standing speakers with ease and control.  However, in our experience, you want to use a dedicated amplifier for difficult speaker loads that go below 4 ohms.  The new units are immersive-audio ready.  Users can add additional height or ceiling speakers to unlock the full multi-dimensional experience delivered by built in Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X™, which incorporates DTS Neural:X technology to up-mix lossless multichannel surround formats such as DTS Master Audio, to emulate height effects and give listeners a 3D experience that’s close to a native object-based soundtrack.

Onkyo TX-RZ1100 Receiver Rear View
Onkyo TX-RZ1100 Receiver Rear View

Network streaming is built-in as a core function of all the new models. Each one features Google Cast, AirPlay, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Spotify, TIDAL, TuneIn, and Pandora.

Onkyo notes that the TX-RZ3100 and the TX-RZ1100 feature a new Onkyo Hi-Current Digital Amplification system that pairs with AccuEQ and AccuReflex technologies to optimally balanced and phase-align sound any listening space. The three models feature premium AKM 384kHz/32-bit digital-to-analog conversion technology and VLSC noise-free processing on all channels, that Onkyo says removes pulse-noise for sound that’s true to the source, while delivering a level of richness and emotional heft that make music and TV entertainment an amazing experience.

Front view of Onkyo's new PR-RZ5100 receiver.
Front view of Onkyo’s new PR-RZ5100 receiver.

The circuitry is certainly reminiscent of a high end design. All three products feature separated digital and analog circuitry to minimize interference, custom low-hum transformers, and bespoke audio-grade capacitors for smooth and instantaneous power, while componentry and attention to detail throughout reflects the products’ flagship status.

On the video front, each model has you covered for the latest 4K/UHD entertainment and include HDCP 2.2 compatibility and a host of 4k/UHD video features over HDMI including BT.2020 color, High Dynamic Range, 4:4:4 color space, and 4K/60 Hz should the user choose to update their display or projector in the future.

The TX-RZ3100 (MSRP: $3,199), TX-RZ1100 (MSRP: $2,199) and the PR-RZ5100 (MSRP: $2,399).