Get A Free Hi-Res Music Download from Primephonic with Special Discount Code


Adding to the list of hi-res music download sites is the Classical Music-focused site, Primephonic.  As a way to advertise and promote the hi-res music download site, Primephonic is offering a special discount code that will snag you a free album, Primephonic Selected: Spring, which is a collection of orchestral pieces on the theme of spring.  Vivaldi, Stravinsky, Beethoven, Mussorgsky are just some of the composers headlining this cool-looking offering.

Prime phonic offers a spectrogram of each album

As with many download sites, you can download files in DSD, FLAC, or WAV.  ALAC does not appear to be a supported download format, but you can easily convert any FLAC files to ALAC forma quickly and easily with our how-to article here.

Primephonic provides a table of the different file formats they support on the site.

What’s very interesting about Primephonic is that they appear to offer a spectrogram of the album.  I’m in contact with Primephonic on this topic and hope to have more information. Nevertheless, there is a unique spectrogram available for every single album.  If this is indeed the spectrogram of the hi-res version of the album, it will allow users a unique way to see what they are actually getting. As we know, some hi-res music download sites sell only CD-quality files up sampled to hi-res. This is misleading because all the benefits of hi-res music are stripped out.  You’re just getting a 16/44 file wrapped in a larger file container.

A sampling of some of the composers and works available on the free Primephonic album

Regardless, you can try Primephonic for yourself.  Simply go to this special link on the Primephonic site.  At checkout enter in code: EASTERGIFT to get the Primephonic Selected: Spring album for free.  We’re downloading our free album and look forward to checking it out ourselves.