SVS Experience Unveiled at Electronics Expo in New Jersey

SVS Cylindrical Subwoofers

At the Poor Audiophile, we’ve become fans of SVS for their rock solid products and superb performance.  Their top of the line subwoofers and their entry-level Prime series have floored us with their price-performance during our extended reviews with the products.  SVS recently sent us a complete 7.2 home theater setup of their top of the line Ultra Series, which we’ll be reviewing here soon.

While SVS has long been a direct-to-consumer company, they have recently reached out and started developing key brick and mortar partnerships so that people can go into a physical location and listen to SVS gear.  Having local expertise to help potential customers choose the right system for their budget and physical setup is a huge help for so many potential consumers.
Last month, SVS and Electronics Expo of New Jersey teamed up to showcase their new partnership and highlight immersive demos and giveaways.   We wanted to share some photos from that great event.
One of the Expo Showrooms sporting the SVS Ultra line of speakers and subs

Another room from the Expo featuring SVS’ subwoofer lineup.

SVS’ Gary Yacoubian and Electronics Expo’s Leon Temiz
To show the strong commitment SVS has to its growing customer base, Gary Yacoubian, SVS’ President, was on-hand at the event.  “The SVS Experience reveals our commitment to an omni-channel market strategy that includes meaningful partnerships with retailers and direct engagement with fans and customers,” he said.  “The Electronics Expo team shares our passion for brand-building and recognizes the power of interacting directly with customers, but just as importantly, they understand the spiritual side of selling audio and how to get people excited about great sound.”
SVS’ Gary Yacoubian talks about the SVS product line to

As part of the SVS Experience premier event festivities, Electronics Expo unveiled a new showroom with multiple home theater surround sound and two-channel listening areas outfitted with SVS Prime and SVS Ultra Series speakers and subwoofers. In addition to driving audio demos, the hosts also give away nearly $5,000 worth of SVS gear and treated guests to some cool immersive movie and music audio moments of the last decade.”

“My whole team was marveling at the energy SVS brought to the store for this event and its overall investment in the SVS Experience,” said Leon Temiz, CEO, Electronics Expo. “It’s inspiring to work with a brand so committed to creating memorable audio experiences and rare to find a partner dedicated to growing the category as a whole. The vitality of SVS will make this a tremendous partnership going forward.”
A sampling of some of the great gear SVS gave away to attendees that evening.