TEAC Announces Entry-Level USB Turntable with


For years, my go-to recommendation for entry-level vinyl has been Project. Reasonably priced with excellent build quality, and an option for built-in USB, they simply sound great for a few hundred dollars.  

Today, I came across another option to potentially add to the list of entry-level vinyl candidates, TEAC’s new TN-100.  TEAC says that the TN-100 is designed for music enthusiasts with belt-drive motor as opposed direct-drive DJ-style players. The output on the TN-100 is switchable between phono out, for use with a preamp, and line out with phono EQ for use with powered monitors or receivers. The turntable is a 3-speed (33/45/78 RPM).
 An additional USB output allows vinyl collections to be recorded to Mac or PC computers.  
TEAC says that the TN-100 has a wooden body to dampen vibrations and provide cleaner, richer sound. At this price point, where you’ve ordinarily had an all-plastic turntable, that’s a welcome surprise. The three-speed, auto-return turntable is available in either a flat black or cherry finish.

For $129 MSRP, 3-speed support and USB output, this turntable is certainly worth a look by anyone interested in an entry-level player.