Fluance Announces the AVHTB Home Theater Surround Speaker System


Home Theater in a Box systems, abbreviated as HTB, are absolutely the last kind of system I’d recommend to someone.  However, my recent experience with Fluance has given me pause with the announcement of their new AV5HTB home theater in a box system.  Even given Fluance’s positive reputation, I had to do a triple-take when I saw the $199 price-tag.

For $199, you get two bookshelf speakers, a timbre-matched center speaker and two monopole surround speakers.  There is no subwoofer in this system and I’m so thankful to Fluance for not trying to incorporate a sub-par sub with this setup.  One of my biggest complaints with HTB systems is that their subs tend to be absolutely terrible.

True to form, I’ve grown to really respect Fluance’s philosophy and approach of building speakers that emphasize their quality over a given frequency range as opposed to developing speakers that try to do too much and end up being masters of none.

The AV5HTB speakers come with MDF wood construction and silk-dome tweeters.  The Fluance AV5HTB is only available in ash black finish and come with a 30 day risk free in-home trial.

If you’re in the market for an entry-level 5.0 home theater system that might be able to give you the available cash to purchase a real, high-quality, entry level sub from the likes of SVS, then I’d absolutely give this new system from Fluance a serious look.  You can check out the HV5HTB online here.