Emotiva to Release Class A XPA-1: 60 watts of pure Class A


Emotiva is evidently adding another Class A mode amplifier offering to its lineup.  According to a preview article from Audiohoics.com, the new Gen2 model of Emotiva’s XPA-1 monoblock will feature an optional new Class A mode that will run the first 60 watts of the amplifier in Class A with the remaining 440 watts in Class A/B mode.  Evidently, this feature is being added following the success of their XPA-1L, which optionally runs its first 35 watts in Class A mode.

It’s unclear if the new XPA-1 will have any more raw power over its predecessor.  The Gen2 lineup is being billed as an evolutionary as opposed to a revolutionary change in the overall design of the amps.

The new XPA-1 Gen2 is evidently slated for release in the next several weeks.  It will be interesting to see if Emotiva brings this Class A mode to its flagship reference monoblock, the XPR-1.