Thomas’ Edison’s Phonograph Patent


One of my favorite tweets of the day was McIntosh Labs celebration of the 138th anniversary of Thomas Edison’s patent of the phonograph.  Here at the PoorAudiophile, we’ve long been admirers of McIntosh and salivated over the MT10 and the MT5 (pictured in the tweet below).

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Without coming across as snarky, August 12th is unfortunately not the anniversary date of the patent. Rather, the phonograph appears to have been patented on February 19, 1878 as US Patent 200,521.   Looking around to see if perhaps I missed something, I came across this great page over at Rutgers that has a running catalog of every patent since 200,521 pertaining to the phonograph.  

Whether or not today is the calendar date for the phonograph or not, we can all join in and cheer for the reproduction device that has brought joy and fidelity to countless generations of audiophiles and music lovers alike.
Oh, and just a note to the team over at McIntosh, I think it’s more than fair to say, Edison would be proud.  Keep the music rolling.