AXPONA 2015 to take place in Chicago from April 24-26


The Audio Expo North America, affectionately called AXPONA will be taking place this year from April 24-26 at the Westin Hotel in Chicago.  Each year, AXPONA is one of the major audio events. and features many popular and exciting seminars. Seminars of note from this years’s conference include:

  • Michael Fremer’s turntable setup seminar
  • The Future Direction of Headphones
  • How to interpret headphone measurements by Tyll Herstens of
  • High resolution audio demystified
  • Room/Speaker interface issues conducted by renown acoustician Bob Hodas
A full schedule of events is available here.  You can purchase tickets here.
If you’re in the Chicago area, AXPONA is always a fantastic event for any audiophile.  For more details, visit the AXPONA 2015 web site at: