Oppo Releases PM-3 Closed Back Planar Magnetic Headphones




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For a company that became the de facto-standard for physical disc players, they sure are now trying to take the headphone industry by storm.  Oppo Digital has just released their third planar magnetic headphone, the PM-3, which is a closed-back model and designed for music on the go.

The PM-3 looks very much like its predecessors, the PM-1 and PM-2.  Oppo says that the PM-3 combines audiophile performance, elegant styling, and noise isolation and portability into the sleek design of the PM-3.  The PM-3 weighs just over 10 oz and Oppo says that this makes the PM-3 the lightest, closed-back magnetic headphone design available.
The PM-3 utilizes a planar magnetic driver that is derived from the highly acclaimed PM-1.  Oppo says that technological advancements achieved during the PM-1’s development enabled them to reduce the weight of the drivers for the PM-3 while maintaining a high level of sound quality and high sensitivity.

In the PM-3’s planar magnetic driver, sound is generated by a very thin and light diaphragm which is driven in a symmetric pull-push manner. The magnetic system and conductor patterns have been optimized for maximum sensitivity and consistency. Oppo claims that this allows the diaphragm to generate very stable and linear piston-like vibrations, ensuring phase coherence and high resolution performance with minimal distortion.

The big problem with planar magnetic headphones has been their need for power to drive them to peak performance.  By contrast, the PM-3 driver’s smaller size and high sensitivity have overcome the difficulty in driving them while at the same time reducing its weight.  The all-new 55 mm diameter round driver is suitable for a lightweight close-back design like the PM-3. Oppo says that the sound signature of the PM-3 is similar to the PM-1 and is tuned to have deep, tight bass  with a very natural and balanced sound andy plenty of emotion and impact

The PM-3 is available immediately from OPPO Digital’s web site at a retail price of $399 in your choice of white or black.  Each unit comes with two cables, one long cable for home use and one portable cable with an in-line microphone and remote for use with mobile devices.