NAD Launches C 516BEE CD Player

NAD’s new C 516BEE CD player is now available

NAD has long been a favorite brand of the Poor Audiophile.  In fact, I still have an NAD Integrated amp still running from the 1980s!  At 40WPC, it still beats out most 80WPC receivers.  So when NAD comes out with a new product, high value is usually part of the equation.

With NAD’s launch and immediate availability of their new C 516BEE CD player, it looks like NAD has once again produced a winner (if only NAD could come up with simpler ways to name its units!).  If you’re in the market for a CD player, you cannot go wrong with this NAD model for only $299 list.  The player will play both traditional CDs and also CD-Rs that have been ripped with MP3s, WMA files.  Other digital file formats, such as FLAC, don’t appear to be supported.

The new model uses the latest generation 24/192 Cirrus Logic Delta/Sigma DACs.  According to NAD, they have fine-tuned the analog stage for lower distortion than the model it’s replacing and standby power is less than 0.5 watts!

Even with the increasing prevalence of digital files, there’s sometimes the need to have a good, basic CD player.  If that’s what you’re in the market for, you should certainly check out NAD’s latest offering.