I’m 12v trigger happy It works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Finally, it’s working and working great! Not only did I get it to work but I was able to use the single Xantech to trigger both of my Proceed amplifiers! I simply connected the second trigger to the same screw terminals and there’s enough power to send a pulse to both units.

I’m really not very happy with the Radio Shack 1/8 mono trigger cables. While they feel nice, when you slice them open, the plastic tubing makes them a pain to work with. And, because that’s the shielding, you can’t really split the cable in half to give you some flexibility to connect it to the terminals. I had problems on a few occasions with the connection caused by this. I was told that the Niles 1/8 trigger cables are individually insulated so that the positive and negative cables are in two separate runs. I’m not really happy with the Radio Shack triggers after all this. They are not labeled and hard to work with so I think I’m going to jump to the Niles 1/8 cables. For now, though, this is working. Love it!!

Here is a picture to show it all put together