Focal 800 Series Loudspeakers 40% Off

Among the pantheon of high end speaker makers sits the French speaker maker, Focal.  Right now, Music Direct in Chicago is offering 40% off on the Focal 800 series speakers.  The $1,000 Chorus 806V monitors are only $599.  The $700 Chorus CC800V center channel is $419.  The $1,200 Chorus SR800V surrounds are marked down from $1,200 to $719.  The $2,200 Chorus 816V towers are $1,319.  And the top of the line Chorus 836V towers are marked down from $3,200 to $1,919.  For those poor audiophiles who have been saving your pennies waiting for a deal to spring for some exceptional speakers, then you may want to check out these speakers.  

Even though I’ve never purchased speakers from Music Direct, I’ve  had exceptional experience with all the other purchases I’ve made and they normally have a fantastic satisfaction guarantee program.  You can check out the full line of Focal Chorus 800 Series Speakers that are currently discounted.