Bryston to Launch Model A Loudspeaker Series at CEDIA Expo Next Month


CEPro is reporting that Byrston will be launching their new Model A loudspeakers at the CEDIA Expo next month. The introduction of the Model A series marks the launch of the second loudspeaker series for the audio company that solidified its high end brand and reputation by building tank-like amplifiers with legendary 20 year transferrable warranty.

Byston first entered the world of high end loudspeakers with its Model T series, which it launched back in March with speakers ranging from on-wall and in-wall speakers at $1,120/pair all the way up to the $9495/pair Model T Active, which require six channels of amplification, which is not included in the price.

For a company that has spent decades building electronics, why have they so quickly launched two new speaker lineups in six months? According to a quote by James Tanner, Bryston’s VP of Sales, “After a strong launch of our first series of loudspeakers resulting in outstanding feedback from both reviewers and our customers earlier this year, it became clear that consumers need high performance loudspeaker options in a full range of sizes. The Model A lineup addresses that need, delivering the sonic realism of our larger Model T speakers from smaller enclosures.”

The Model A speakers are at a lower price point than the comparable Model T lineups. The expected pricing of the Model A speakers as reported by CEPro, is as follows:

$3,250 for Model A1 Tower
$2,395 for Model A2 Tower
$1,995 for Model A3 Tower
$1,200 Mini A bookshelf speaker

We’ll look for a more formal announcement on the new speakers next month at the CEDIA Expo.