50% off Marantz NA7004 Network Enabled DAC


MusicDirect in Chicago is having a fantastic deal—50% off the Marantz NA7004 network enabled DAC.  The Marantz NA7004 is a great component on its own but at 50% off this is a steal for someone looking to get into digital and streaming media.

The full description from the MusicDirect site is below and you can buy the unit online while supplies last: http://www.musicdirect.com/p-45607-marantz-na7004-network-enabled-dac.aspx

At 50% Off, This is Music Direct’s Biggest Bargain: NA7004 Opens Up New Worlds of Entertainment and Immediately Takes Your Existing System into the Future

Access 1000s of Internet Radio Stations, Pandora, Napster, and Rhapsody AND Enjoy Apple AirPlay and Optional Bluetooth Capability

Full-Sized DAC Has the Same Chip and HDAM Circuits Employed in Marantz Reference Series Components

Just how great of a bargain is the Marantz NA7004? For starters, it features the exact same Cirrus DAC chipset as that found in the $2k SA-15S2 Reference SACD/CD player. Its proprietary HDAM SA2 circuits in the analog section are taken straight from the lauded manufacturer’s Reference Series components. Even if you only used this handsome network audio player as a DAC, you’re ahead of the game. But the NA7004 does far more. By accessing 1000s of Internet radio stations and giving you countless options, it opens up entirely new worlds of entertainment.  And it does so in a simple, effortless, and engaging manner. And it’s covered by the famous Music Direct satisfaction guarantee, so feel free to audition this fantastic full-sized player in your home. 

“Sonically, if you’re familiar with Marantz’s two channel CD players and amplifiers you’ll know what to expect from this streamer. There’s excitement and drama in spades. Edges of notes sound resolute and sharply defined and this helps communicate the Marantz’s relatively precise timing. For the money, the NA7004 is an impressive machine. The blend of features and performance is pretty much spot on.”
– What HiFi?

Connect to Virtually All of the Music on the Web, Stream Music from Your iDevices
Curious about digital audio’s streaming possibilities and content options but don’t want to invest a fortune? The NA7004 is designed for you. For the cost of less than ten 45RPM audiophile LPs, you can take your existing system into the 21st century and connect to virtually all of the music available on the Web. Outfitted with an Ethernet connection, the NA7004 streams music off the Internet, connects to your digital computer files, and plays tunes from Pandora, Napster, and Rhapsody. And now, with a free AirPlay upgrade, the NA7004 can wirelessly stream music from any iDevice. That means you can cue up any music stored on your iPhone, iPad, or similar portable device.

Advanced Circuitry and HDAMs Ensure Serious, Audiophile-Quality Sound
Marantz recognizes many music lovers have understandable reservations about audio quality from portable sources and wireless connections. It’s why the NA7004 is equipped with the M-DAX2 circuit, which restores crucial high frequencies to the music, enhancing every digital music source you play. High-current HDAMs in the analog section handle buffering and stage-to-stage signal transition, and are the very same employed in Marantz’s Reference Series gear, so you know the company is serious about the NA7004’s sonics. To the same degree, an impedance-matching copper plate inside the rear panel lends to improved signal-to-noise performance and channel separation. You’ll hear more distinctive imaging and impressive soundstages.

Outstanding DAC Performance and Build Quality
At $400, the NA7004 currently stands as the best deal Music Direct offers on a DAC of such exceptional quality. Its advanced multi-bit architecture handles up to 24-bit/192kHz digital signals and boasts astounding dynamic range, affording desirable warmth, detail, resolution, and balance. Again, this is the same DAC found inside the award-winning SA-15S2 disc spinner, which costs five times the amount of the NA7004. The overbuilt DAC alone is well worth the price, and remember, you’re getting so much more.

Bluetooth Capability, USB Inputs, Headphone Amp, and More
Need more incentive? The NA7004 becomes Bluetooth capable with the addition of the optional RX101 Bluetooth module. A fantastic headphone amp claims a high-speed current buffer for maximum articulation, stability, and fatigue-free presentation. Two rear-panel digital outputs, DLNA compliance, and front- and rear-panel USB inputs that accept data from any USB storage device further expand your listening horizons. 

Endless Possibilities and Satisfaction Guaranteed

Want to hear what people are listening to in London? Looking to tap into a station from the South of France, tune into an Italian classical radio station, or enjoy traditional music broadcast in the Orient? Simply want to upgrade to a better DAC? The possibilities are endless with the NA7004. You have nothing to lose. Backed by Music Direct’s 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, the NA7004 is the best bargain we currently offer. You won’t be disappointed.

“Perhaps the best aspect of this streamer’s performance is its highly cohesive sound, keeping everything in perspective as part of a carefully conceived whole. It managed this across the whole range of musical styles we presented it with, and indeed is very ‘music agnostic’, seeming just as happy with the drive of a rock band as with the more tender tones of a meditative solo.”
– HiFi Choice

    “We enjoyed the NA7004, especially when listening through its digital output. It is delightfully easy to operate and it integrates with both hi-fi systems and computer networks with “your-Grandma-could- do-it” ease. AirPlay functionality makes this a simple streamer for the uninitiated. This is a product that virtually demands our recommendation.
    – Malcolm Steward, Tech Radar