Super Deal on Bryston B-100 SST Integrated Amp


Bryston is a venerable name long associated with high quality, great sounding gear, that comes with a bullet-proof 20-year warranty.  You don’t see Bryston gear at a discount and when you do, it’s something that screams Poor Audiophile super-value.

The Bryston B-100 SST Integrated Amp is now available at a huge discount from Audio Advisor

Right now, Audio Advisor, who is an authorized Bryston dealer, is offering the B-100 SST 100-Watt Integrated Amplifier at $1,696 off the regular price of $4,695.  There’s no question that the sale price of $2,999 is still a lot of money; but if you’re a poor audiophile who is looking for a great deal and a spectacular value on an integrated amp, this may be what you’ve been looking for.

Being a Poor Audiophile is all about finding great value and this sure fits the bill.  You can checkout the deal at the Audio Advisor web site here.