Free THX TV Tuneup App for iPhone and iPad — Limited Time


THX Tune-Up for the iPhone and iPad is now available for free allows you to calibrate your TV and audio system in time  for the SuperBowl.  Grab it now because it will be a free download only until Monday, February 4th and then will cost $1.99.   You can download the app from itunes by clicking here.

Video Features:
The app looks pretty slick and provides video test patterns, photos, and tutorials to help you adjust your display properly based on the lighting in your room.

Some of the video adjustments the app is supposed to help you out with include:

  • Aspect ratio, to make sure your TV is showing shapes and sizes correctly.
  • Brightness, to make sure that shadow detail and night scenes are properly calibrated and visible.
  • Contrast, to make sure that the white detail is distinct on your TV.
  • Color, to make sure that colors are look right but don’t have an overly saturated or cartoonish look.
  • Tint, to help make skin tones look natural.
Audio Features:
For most people, THX is synonymous with audio and those great Lucasfilm intro shorts.  The app doesn’t appear to disappoint and includes:
  • Speaker assignment to make sure that you’ve connected your speakers correctly and that they are assigned correctly.
  • Speaker phase, to make sure that your speaker wiring is properly connected with its positive and negative terminals.
Cool Extras:
The app features the classic “moo” of THX shorts and you can activate it by tilting your iPhone or iPad
TXH trailers—just like the ones you see in THX Certified cinemas.  
A demo to show off your system by playing the “THX Deep Note” in 5.1 surround
This looks like a great little app.  I’ll be installing it and testing it out and let you know my thoughts and impressions.  And don’t forget to download it yourself!

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