Trigger Happy


I decided to start this blog for a few reasons:

  1. There are lots of people like me who love audio and video
  2. Getting good audio in your home doesn’t have to be really expensive
  3. Some of the things that can save you money sometimes need some explanation or help
  4. I wish there was a place where I could go and follow someone’s quest to improve their listening experience
So, taking all those into account, the final motivation was trying to get some older Proceed amplifiers to auto-power on when connected to the trigger of an Anthem AVM20.
What I found out (again by scouring things online) was that the older Proceed amplifiers (specifically the Proceed AMP2 and Proceed AMP3) need a pulse trigger to turn them on and off and the Anthem (like most newer equipment) only provides a constant current. So, if I powered on my Anthem, my Proceed amps would turn on, but when I turned the Anthem off, the Proceeds would then stay on. When I turned on the Anthem again, the Proceeds would turn off.
After finding some obscure message boards and people with the same problem, I finally found a product that said it would solve the problem. That was the Xantech Model 599-00 pulsed switching model. I found out I needed to follow diagram #5 in the user manual, but since I’m not an electrical guy, the whole mention of diodes and splicing stuff wasn’t something I was super-comfortable doing.
So, what I’m going to chronicle is how I got my older Proceed amplifiers working with triggers to auto-turn on and off with my Proceed AVM 20.
I hope that this and the other “do it yourself” projects I’m going to chronicle are helpful to others.