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Puro Sound Labs new JuniorJams headphones protect kids’ hearing

Puro Sound JuniorJams headphones don’t just look cool, they come packed with lots of high tech.

Puro Sound Labs is back with a new line of specially designed kids headphones geared protect a child’s hearing from permanent damage. Puro says that the new JuniorJams line has been designed for performance, safety, durability, and comfort, with great value pricing. We just call them high tech, audiophile-grade headphones for kids.

Don’t laugh, Puro Sound Labs is well known for delivering studio-grade audio quality headphones that utilize hearing-safe 85dB volume-limiting technology. Their headphones have have won praise from reviewers and parents alike. Count us among them. We’ve tested several pairs of Puro Sound Labs headphones and can attest to their outstanding sonic attributes.

There’s lots of high tech in these kids-focused headphones. Think we’re joking? Bluetooth Wireless version 4.2 comes standard. You can use them as a wired headphone too. You get noise-limiting protection in either wired or wireless modes. It’s rare that a kids-friendly headphone will bring audiophile sound quality, but the JuniorJams do just that with AptX codec support, which delivers CD-quality sound to Bluetooth listening.

The new JuniorJams feature an ultra-comfortable protein leather ear cushion delivering 87% ambient noise isolation, 85dB volume-limiting technology, and battery performance that offers 22 hours of playback. The JuniorJams also include a unique daisy-chain feature that allows two headphones to listen to the same source device simultaneously, so two kids, or kids and parents can listen together.

Puro Sound Labs JuniorJams Headphone Group 3000

The JuniorJams are available in four kid-friendly, creative, and inspiring colors, and are built with high quality aluminum material that deliver a durable, yet lightweight headphone for kids. They were designed to be extremely space efficient, folding into a sturdy carrying case for easy use while traveling.

According to the World Health Organization, some 1.1 billion teenagers and young adults are at risk of hearing loss due to the unsafe use of personal audio devices.

“Preventing noise induced hearing loss while delivering best in class sound performance is our fundamental objective,” says Brett Lacey, CEO of Puro Sound Labs. “We are thrilled about the JuniorJams launch, as it will further our ability to put more safe headphones on kids’ ears around the world.”

The Puro Sound Labs JuniorJams retail at $79.99, but are currently available for the Christmas season at $69.99 in blue, green, purple, and pink on Amazon.com and PuroSound.com.