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Anypro headphone stand: Smart design, budget price

Anypro headset stand for headphones and smart devices

There’s nothing like a good headphone stand for your favorite pair of cans. Good quality headphone stands tend to be expensive, however. Anypro looks to change all that with their slick, solidly-built, aluminum headphone stand. The $16.99 headphone stand from Anypro Global (www.anyproglobal.com) will change any preconceived notion you might have that you need to spend a lot of get a quality headphone stand. It’s available directly on Amazon here and you can save even more at checkout by using coupon code ANYPRO01—that’s the letter “o” and then a zero “0”)

The Anypro headphone stand comes with everything you need to assemble in the box.

My review sample came courtesy of Anypro. The company shipped the review sample to me in a relatively small rectangular box. The box came from an Amazon fulfillment center. Upon opening the box, I saw that the headphone stand was dissembled into two pieces—the base and the stand. In the box was everything I needed to put the stand together: Two philips head screws and the screw driver to do the job.

The Anypro headphone stands needs minor assembly and everything is included.

Assembly was a snap, I simply put the two metal screws into their recessed threaded holes and I was done. Can installation be any easier? The bottom of the Anypro headphone stand comes with four rubber discs that prevent the stand from marring any surface and prevent the Anypro headphone stand from sliding.

Assembling the Anypro headphone stand is easy—it takes just two screws.

A smartly designed headphone stand from Anypro

Once assembled, the stand looks beautiful. The Anypro headphone stand has a brushed aluminum finish, though it’s not quite the silky finish you’ll find on a MacBook. The stand easily held any headphone I put on it—from expensive headphones down to bargain basement ones. The Anypro headphone stand’s rubber-covered arm and rounded edges gave me confidence that I wouldn’t scratch or cut the headband on expensive leather headphones such as the B&W P9 Signature pictured below.

The Anypro headphone stand is a solidly-built, slick, and inexpensive headphone stand.

The Anypro headphone stand was always sturdy and best of all it’s incredibly practical. Not everyone has large headphones and many consumers have both headphones and in-ear-monitors or ear buds. For those individuals, the Anypro headphone stand has a smart design element.

The Anypro headphone stand is among the few on the market to support ear buds and in-ear-monitors thanks to a slit in the headphone’s stand.

The Anypro headphone stand’s arm has a slot where you can insert in-ear-monitors or ear buds and the stand will clasp them. It’s a great way to keep your in-ear-headphones organized and there’s another practical aspect too: the headphone stand’s base doubles as an smart phone or tablet stand.

The Anypro headphone stand rubber platform on the Anypro base doubles as an iPhone stand.

The base of the Anypro headphone stand has a rubber platform that will hold your smart device in place, making it a near perfect media accessory. You can chose a vertical or horizontal orientation. No matter which orientation you choose, your smart device will be stable.

Anypro’s headphone stand is a joy to use

I used the Anypro headphone stand with a handful of different in-ear-monitors and full sized over-the-ear headphones from my collection. In every instance, the Anypro headphone stand was sturdy and never in danger of tipping. Just like any quality audio accessory, it got out of the way and did its job.

I especially loved using the Anypro with my iPhone and iPad and in-ear-headphones. Not only did it clean up the cable clutter, but it made securing and taking in-ear-headphones a snap. The only observation that I’d levy is that the stand oriented the iPhone and iPad at single angle. I’d love the option to adjust the angle that the iPhone or iPad rests because not everyone will be in the optimal placement.

Conclusion: You can’t go wrong with Anypro’s headphone stand

Anypro’s headphone stand is a no-brainer, must-have accessory for any audiophile who has a collection of headphones or who wants the flexibility of a smart device stand that will also hold your cans. For the sale price of just $16.99, you just can’t go wrong. Highly recommended.