Happy 36th Birthday Sony Walkman!


It’s hard to believe that it was 36 years ago that Sony introduced the concept of portable music with the original Walkman (the venerable TPS-L2).  While the boxy, cassette-loading unit may seem bulky by today’s standards, it was nothing short of a revolution.   Over the years, the Walkman product line evolved to mirror the progression of physical media—from cassette to CD to today’s digital media players.
Sony sent us this great infographic on the history of the Walkman. It shows the product’s march and transformation through time. We thought it was a very cool infographic to share.

We’re already mightily impressed with Sony’s latest offering, the NWZ-A17SLV, which we have in for review and it’s emphasis on hi-res audio.  Join us in wishing the Walkman a happy birthday and we certainly have high expectations from the latest generation of Walkman models.

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