Metaxas Solitaire & Soliloquy – 30th anniversary edition, to be released late 2015



When it comes to high end audio electronics, there’s design and then there’s art.  There’s no question that the new Metaxas Solitaire and Soliloquy Mono-block amplifiers fall into the latter category.  Whether you think the new amplifiers like an ocean wave or look like a ship from the Matrix, is another story. Almost 30 years after their first introduction into hi-end audio, the newly designed and significantly updated Power Amplifiers – the Solitaire and Soliloquy Mono-blocks, from Australian-based Metaxas, will once again be available to Audiophiles, Recording Engineers and Music purists.

The striking casework is cast and machined from aluminium. The company emphatically states that every part of the amplifier including the circuit, topology, layout and casework has been designed by Kostas Metaxas. It is the logical evolution of his groundbreaking design concepts pioneered in the early 1980’s.

The Solitaire offers 150WRMS of what Metaxas calls “ultra-high bandwidth sonic nirvana,” whereas the more expensive Soliloquy trades off the extra power [only 100WRMS] for “precision discrete transistor voltage regulation of both input and high-current output stages.”

Metaxas says that the new dual-Printed circuit board construction places the delicate small-signal circuitry on the upper board and uses high-current ultra-high-frequency “wave-guide” design for the power delivery lower board.

Custom designed driver and power transistors made to Metaxas specification are all individually computer batch selected, matched and load tested.

And the sound quality? Well, Metaxas claims there is more depth, transparency and realism.

The Solitaire/Soliloquy amplifiers will be joined by a new IKARUS integrated amplifier, a TRIBUTE preamplifier & professional mixer and new PRINCE portable and EMPEROR electrostatic monitor loudspeakers.


150WRMS 8 Ohms, DC-500kHz, Soliloquy 100WRMS 8 Ohms DC-500kHz.

Prices to be determined.