iTunes Radio: first impressions on quality and usability


I’ve been playing with iTunes Radio for a bit now. First impressions are always dangerous but I’m initially impressed with the audio quality of the tracks. They all sound clean, clear, full-bodied, and throw a good soundstage. 

There’s a fantastic variety of music and finding an artist or station is as simple as typing their name. 
Pressing the info button on the top center brings up another screen with additional options including the ability to purchase the song. 
Pressing on the red song price either on the main screen or secondary screen allows you to purchase the song with a new green buy song button. 
In a similar vein to Pandora you can press the star button and  it brings up a menu to play more like this song, never play this song, or to add it to your iTunes wish list. 

My initial impressions about iTunes Radio are so far very positive. Music matching has been pretty good. I haven’t found myself itching to skip tracks or wonder why on earth it chose this song, etc. 
So if you’re planning on upgrading to iOS 7 I think you’ll find iTunes Radio a welcome addition.