Sherbourn Announces New Pricing and Sales Model


Sherbourn is a known name in the home theater and custom installer market.  Sherbourn has been synonymous with value and the company is now trying to take that up several notches with steep savings for audiophiles and custom installers with a new sales model.  This is a significant change that could score the poor audiophile as much as 40% in savings under the new business model.  I’ve personally never had the opportunity to audition any Sherbourn gear, but this new pricing structure is certainly something that everyone should take a serious look at.

The following blog post announced the new structure:

Sherbourn Technologies, a revered force in high-performance, high-value audio/video components for the custom integration market, today announced a complete overhaul of its distribution model. Rather than resist the realities of a changing marketplace, Sherbourn is embracing the new world of custom installation by bypassing the traditional model of distributor and rep, and moving to a direct-sales model for both consumers and systems integrators, with a special discount for dealers, in addition to a new, lower pricing structure.


The PA2-250 Stereo Amplifier has dropped in price from $1,699 to $999 under the new sales model.

A New Era of Home Theater: “Pro to the People””This new sales and distribution model is a reflection of not only a new economy, but a wholly different home theater market, as well,” said Dan Laufman, president of Sherbourn Technologies and Emotiva. “Today, any number of talented do-it-yourselfers are building amazing home theaters, complete with dedicated room acoustics, large-scale front projection, theater seating, and advanced control systems. And yet, those innovators have been cut off from Sherbourn’s professional-quality electronics solely because of an outdated distribution infrastructure.”

A More Efficient Way of Doing BusinessNot only will those “prosumer” theater builders benefit from a more direct relationship with the manufacturer, as well as Sherbourn’s unparalleled support system, but also a new, lower pricing structure, which goes into effect immediately:

Old Price New Price
PT-7030 $2999 $1799
PA 7-350 $4999 $2799
PA 7-150 $2499 $1,499
PA 5-200 $1,999 $1,199
SR-8100 $1,199 $899
PA 2-160 $899 $579
PA 2-250 $1,699 $999
PRE-1 $899 $529
CD-1 $899 $499
PA 12-45 $1,099 $599
PA 4Z-75 $699 $549
PA 2-50 $499 $269
PA 18-45 $1,699 $799
C-12 $199 $99

Despite the lower prices made possible by direct sales, the products themselves will be built to the exact same uncompromising standards, with the same design focus on longevity, integration connectivity, and truly reference-quality audio and video performance. They also remain backed by Sherbourn’s industry-leading 10- and 5-year leading warranties, complete technical data for complex installation scenarios, and the industry’s best technical and customer support team.

A Deal for Dealers, Too”It’s important to note that this more direct path to consumers also provides significant benefits for our dealers,” said Laufman. “Our new Direct Dealer Program allows professional installers to make better margins than they would by selling mass-produced consumer brands.”
In addition to fostering a more direction relationship between Sherbourn and its dealers, this move away from the distributor and rep model will also benefit installers of every stripe, especially those without a dedicated storefront, by eliminating the order minimums and display requirements often required in the older distribution model.

More information for consumers and dealers alike will be available on the newly re-launched Sherbourn website at The new site is scheduled to debut on March 1, 2013.