Artwork in iTunes 11 Doesn’t Change Across Seasons of Shows


Apple has done some interesting UI tweaks in the latest version of iTunes, version 11.  One really nice feature is to have the artwork of the show displayed as a background of the episode listing.  In my example below, I have Season 1 of the Star Wars the Clone Wars television show.  As you can see below, it’s a pretty slick backdrop.

When I selected Season 2 in my iTunes library, I expected that the image of Yoda would show up since all my Season 2 episodes are tagged with the Season 2 image.   
The Season 2 Image for Star Wars the Clone Wars
That didn’t happen.  I then went into the iTunes “get info” for every image in Season 2 and made sure that not only were all the shows explicitly tagged as Season 2 but also manually copied and pasted the image of Season 2 onto each digital file.  Again, nothing changed.  As you can see below, Season 2 remained with the Season 1 image.  

Come to find out, iTunes will only keep a single artwork image for all seasons.  So, if you’re flipping through your iTunes library, you’ll need to be careful and attentive as to which season of the show you are in because that detail was not built in as part of the version 11 update.

Hopefully Apple will address this in a future release.  It’s a minor, but pretty cool feature that would be nice to have.