Bingo! Niles working and this is great


Like I said before, I should have done the Niles from the start. I was able to work with them no problem. Super-flexible. Able to determine positive and negative ends. I replaced the Radio Shack ones in about 5 minutes. Because each run is independent, I was also able to use my wire stripper.

It’s working flawlessly and I’m back in business with my Anthem AVM 20 now triggering the power on and off on my Proceed amplifiers!
Here is the Xantech in my cabinet, where I have it screwed right behind the Anthem AVM20 and Proceed amplifiers. It’s a great setup and working just great!
Now, back to my project of solving the possible issue of the Cat5e cabling. I think I’m just going to re-terminate all of the five runs to the punchdown block. I think that will do the trick since I had left plenty of slack and when I did it the first time, I was in a bit of a rush.
I’m going to leave as much of the insulation jacket as possible as close to the point of termination. I know the problem is there because I have some of the terminations working better than others.