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1More Quad Driver in-ear-headphones arrive for review

1More quad driver packaging

If our previous experience is any indicator, then we’re really excited about 1More’s new quad driver in-ear-monitor headphones. 1More shipped us a pre-production engineering sample and it’s nothing short of awesome.

At first glance, packaging is first-rate. While it sports a different cover, the main casing is identical to the triple driver model we reviewed previously.


1More quad driver packaging presentation

The angled driver is much larger than any previous 1More model as you can tell in this photo.

1More quad driver in-ear-monitor tips

The cable is likewise slick and tangle-free.  It feels like it almost has a wax-like coating. Whatever 1More did to the cable coating is amazing because there is pretty much zero cable noise transference if you rub your finger along the cable or rub it along your clothing.

The inline remote is big and tactile friendly.  The three buttons are evenly spaced and easy to distinguish.

1More quad driver remote

With the recent push to lightning or other all-digital connectors, the 1More Quad Driver model has a traditional 3.5mm jack. It’s a right angle jack which will prevent accidental strain or breakage but won’t be a favorable choice if you use third party battery packs on your mobile device. You’ll likely need a longer 3.5mm adapter to make it fit.

I won’t give anything away from our full review except for this: you are in for a real treat with these quad driver headphones. Are these the best in-ear-monitors that 1More has ever produced? You bet. You’ll love our full review, stay tuned!